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Dn. Nicholas Branscome

Dn. Nicholas, a devoted member of the Orthodox community since his family’s conversion in 2011. He began his service at St. Ignatius as a Sub-Deacon in 2021 and was ordained to the diaconate in 2024, deepening his commitment to the church.

Beyond his spiritual endeavors, Dn. Nicholas is actively engaged in various charitable and professional pursuits. As the Senior Director of Business Development at The Antiochian House of Studies and Seminary, he contributes to the advancement of educational initiatives. Additionally, he holds positions on the Board of Directors and serves as Vice President of St. Thomas House Ministries, an organization dedicated to providing housing and support for pregnant young women in need.

In his professional capacity, Dn. Nicholas serves as the National Executive Vice President of Public and Private Partnership at If I Had A Hammer, where he plays a vital role in facilitating successful reentry for men, women, and youth transitioning out of incarceration and back into the workforce. With over twenty-five years of experience in finance and insurance prior to this role, he brings a wealth of expertise to his endeavors.

Alongside his professional and charitable commitments, Dn. Nicholas treasures his family life. He and his wife, Shamassey Kjersten, have shared 28 years of marriage and are blessed with two daughters and a son.