We will live stream Saturday night Vespers and Sunday Orthros and Divine Liturgy, other services at the direction of Fa. Philip.

There are two options to access the St. Ignatius live stream of our services, “Direct to Facebook” and “Stream Via Website”. A Facebook account is never required, but Facebook tries very hard to push you into signing up. So if you do not have a Facebook account, forgot your password or just do not want to fool with them, click on the “Stream Via Website” link below. If you click on this link before the service starts, you will see a blue screen from Facebook, just wait. When the stream begins, it will start for you. If the stream is already in progress, it will take a few seconds to sync up, but it will begin without any further intervention from you. In either case, in the lower right there are controls for volume and full screen.

Now there are some advantages of going directly to Facebook, you can comment on and during the service and you can access the past services. When we began streaming our services this was the only method to connect and most of you are probably already comfortable with it. Having an account with Facebook makes this easier but it not required. Click on “Direct to Facebook” below.

There is no live-streamed service at this time. Please see our service calendar for more information.